For Individuals

When you're not sure about the next step then turn to Wilson Brook for some clear direction


Unfortunately, there are many tales of disappointment from people when it comes to their dealings with recruitment consultants. From communication issues (or indeed no communication at all!), a poor quality brief, lack of support and guidance to downright lies.

We guarantee to anyone who deals with us here at Wilson Brook that you’ll get clear and timely communication at every stage of the process, with as much support, advice and guidance as we can possibly provide. We take a long-term view – if the current assignment we're dealing with isn’t right for you for whatever reason we will always respect your decision. There could well be others in the future that are a better fit. 

The people we place often go on to become clients – given their positive candidate experience they then want us to support their business in finding members of their teams.

What you can expect


We will discuss potential opportunities with you as and when suitable assignments arise.  We will share information with you as necessary and answer your questions as best as possible to enable you to make a decision as to whether to move forward with the specific opportunity.  We will then provide you with support and timely feedback throughout the process.  In return we ask for the same in terms of honest and prompt communication. 

Any additional information that you can provide us with, in order that we better understand your background, key skills and achievements is always welcome.  

A proactive approach - for both companies and individuals


The vast majority of what we do is company led & assignment based – companies engage (retain) us to conduct proactive searches (head-hunts) on their behalf, leaving no stone un-turned to identify the best possible individuals that fit their brief.  It is a very thorough, high quality/low volume way of working – in that given the amount of time and effort that goes into each assignment we can’t deal with hundreds of assignments at any one time. Therefore, you may not hear from us all that often!  

What we may also do, in certain limited circumstances, is work proactively with an individual to help them identify new career opportunities.  It is a highly confidential and discreet approach, designed to identify potential roles that aren’t on the open market.  If this sounds of interest to you then we will explain things fully, allowing us to decide together whether it is appropriate.

Resources for Candidates


Interview preparation

It still amazes us how many candidates - including some very senior individuals - go into an interview, whether formal for a specific position, or an informal speculative meeting, without conducting some thorough research and preparation.  Part of this is our responsibility - we'll provide you with a full job description and a comprehensive briefing document - explaining everything about the company, reason for the role and future opportunities.  Beyond that there's a lot that you can do to ensure you're going into the interview better prepared.  Take a look at our interview preparation notes:!Aqfw1xxAhh1nuHgEk4VJ3F3eRbkS?e=MLYfwB

CV hints & tips

As you can probably imagine we see loads of CV's every day and week.  The vast majority are pretty rubbish and require significant improvement both in format and content.  Your CV is your own personal marketing document and is one of the most important things (alongside your LinkedIn profile) when it comes to presenting yourself in the best possible way ahead of a potential interview - either with us or with the client.  Your CV could be the reason you're not making it through to short-list.  Don't let this be the case.  Speak to us, we're happy to give you some free advice - don't waste hundreds of pounds on CV writing services.  Take a look at our CV hints and tips document:!Aqfw1xxAhh1nuFa1XKldZppc4Ptz?e=gvshaI

Phone and skype interviews

Specific advice to ensure you're sufficiently prepared for phone and video-conference interviews - becoming more common, especially in the current circumstances:!Aqfw1xxAhh1nxHqZCFXoShCDHSSa?e=jPBSOr

A successful resignation and exit

When it comes to managing your exit from your current company before moving on to that exciting new opportunity there's a lot you can do to make it go smoothly:!Aqfw1xxAhh1nw3ucbA9M7rzbGaA6?e=Cyz9rb