Recruitment is just recruitment right?


Are all recruitment companies the same? How do you differentiate in a competitive sector? Is anything truly unique? 

Founder and Managing Director Neil Holloway started in recruitment in 2000. A lot has changed since then – no more fax machines, no more boxes of cards with client and candidate details, no more yellow pages. Instead we now have email, mobile, google, LinkedIn and automation.

Fundamentally though this is still a people and relationship business. And yet so many recruitment companies seem to get this wrong. They’re not approachable or accessible. They don’t communicate very well. They think everything can be done via email. They have a short-term approach – “how can we maximise the fee whilst minimising our effort”. They take advantage of companies and individuals for their own personal gain.

Here at Wilson Brook I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel, but I do want to set the standard. I’m combining first-rate traditional head-hunting techniques with the benefits of modern technology to deliver a best in class experience for our customers – both employers and individuals alike. 

Of course, ultimately, it’s about identifying and securing the best possible people for our client companies and in return helping those individuals improve their careers and realise their potential.

After many years of working for others and not always being happy with how they’ve run their companies I’ve decided to take that leap of faith and establish my own executive search and consulting business 

Here's what I can offer

  • My knowledge and track record within certain markets
  • My personal values and ethics - I've not always been comfortable with how other recruitment companies have behaved - in my opinion they've not always had the clients and the individual’s best interests at heart
  • I’ve often received positive feedback about the very thorough and professional nature of my approach - so naturally I'll be continuing with that!
  • The ability to provide an excellent level of service to a small number of clients
  • A much more personal service - not reliant on researchers who, as good as some have been, ultimately don't do the job as well as I would do it