Contacting each other

Let's talk!


It’s something of an occupational hazard that we're almost always on the phone in this profession! If not then we may be in a client meeting or interviewing someone. Hence, we can be difficult to get hold of.  We also appreciate that, depending on the situation, it might be difficult for you to talk – you may be in an open office, in a meeting, with a customer, with a colleague/line manager/team member; in which case the conversation you need to have with us might not be appropriate.

We use an app called Calendly to schedule calls and meetings to avoid voicemail and email tennis – you can use these links to view Neil's calendar and you can then select a mutually convenient time to speak or meet: 

Sometimes sending a text or whatsapp message might be a quicker and easier way to get a brief message to each other – though naturally not where a longer conversation is required. Of course, email is another option – though in most instances we would much rather speak as opposed to a lengthy email exchange. 

We always meet potential candidates when considering them for an assignment as well as always taking the initial brief face to face at the site where the role is based.  We're also happy to meet with relevant individuals outside of assignments so that we can better understand them and help them in the future.

We endeavour to return calls & emails within 24 hours, but there are occasions when that might not happen. Hopefully the above will help us get hold of each other a little more easily.