My story

I grew up in Walsall in the West Midlands and was fortunate enough to go to the excellent local grammar school. My parents had moved up to the Midlands from the South East in the mid-70’s. I then studied Human Geography at Aberystwyth. As well as deciding to support my father’s football team (Chelsea – not so good in the 80’s and 90’s but brilliant ever since!) I’ve inherited his workaholic nature – in my early years I’d earn extra pocket money by washing neighbours cars, cleaning brass door steps and delivering newspapers before getting a part-time job in the local supermarket at the age of 16. During school holidays I’d work as many hours as possible – including weeks of night-shifts!

Following graduation in 1999 I began my career in recruitment in 2000, moving into executive search a year later as a Senior Consultant with the European division of a major US listed head-hunting firm. Between 2006 – 2018 I worked for two leading boutique executive search firms. I've not always been comfortable with the way recruitment companies have behaved - in my opinion they've sometimes not had the clients and individual’s best interests at heart. They’ve made short-sighted decisions to benefit their business as opposed to doing what’s right in order to develop a long-term relationship. Hence my decision to form my own executive search business where I can operate in a manner which I believe to be correct.

Outside of work I have a busy life with four children. Thankfully I also have a fantastic wife! I like most sports, but particularly rugby (Wasps season ticket holder and I coach the minis at my children’s club), football (as mentioned Chelsea – a claim to fame is having interviewed former Chairman Ken Bates as part of my dissertation!) and cricket. I like to exercise and will be found in my home gym very early every morning. I also enjoy a bit of baking and cooking. Therefore, the more I exercise the more I can enjoy the results of my exploits in the kitchen! I’m interested in global politics, history, psychology and business culture & leadership and try to read as much as I can about this during the little spare time I have.  Religion and faith is also important to me and my family - we're proud to be practicing Catholics.

It's not always what you know but who you know

An unrivalled network

In addition to my extensive experience I’m supported by a strong network of advisors and trusted contacts. 


In the past I’ve worked with in-house researchers. As good as a couple of them were, none conducted the initial research and approach to the same standards in terms of quality and thoroughness as I would have done. In many of those assignments I’ve completed my own additional research with the short-list of candidates often coming from my work alone. A common complaint with many of the large executive search firms (and even some of the not so large!) is that whilst a senior person takes the brief, the assignment is then passed over to a very junior and inexperienced researcher to deliver. 

Therefore, when you engage Wilson Brook, I will personally carry out the assignment from start to finish. Where I feel it necessary to engage additional external research support I will only use highly experienced researchers who operate to the same standards as me.